We have a three, Daddy!

And the tales of terrific threes (those little ladies who have the face of a baby but an attitude of a teenage drama queen) begin.

But to be honest, this is my favorite season of raising my Ella, so far. She still smells like a baby and clings to me demandingly all the time, but she is becoming her own little person each day. She’s very curious, smart, outspoken, and brave- qualities that totally amuse and amaze us. She still stammers while telling stories, but I completely adore the way she seeks for words as well as in her determination to convey what she wants to say. Having her this way is like having a needy, sweet, talkative best friend, who always looks up on you (figuratively and literally), believes in you no matter how epic your fails are, and loves you like you deserve all the love this world has to offer. And that bursts my heart every time I look at her and remember I’m her mother.

And so, for her 3rd birthday, I couldn’t let anything- even the quarantine- take away what she wanted for her “party”. Whenever we asked her about her birthday, she would always tell us that she liked Hello Kitty. So we did everything in our power (and within what’s considered “legal” this GCQ) to give her heart’s desires.

Just like her other birthday parties (you can read about them here and here), this gathering is always a celebration of our families’ love to baby Ella. They’ve always lent a hand on making the preparations easier, and their presence is what made Ella very happy and feel important on her special day.

Happy, happy birthday Anak! Mahal na mahal ka namin! ā¤

Author: Sen

A 20something professional wishing to fulfill her childhood dream of keeping a decent space in the blogosphere. An all-for-God servant. Also known now as Mrs. Mercado. Still a beloved princess of the King of Kings.

12 thoughts on “We have a three, Daddy!”

  1. What a cutie! Happy birthday to you Ella! Also, thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it! šŸ˜Šā¤ļø


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