For what it’s worth, thank you 2020

Happy New Year! 🤣

It’s January 30 here in the PH 🇵🇭 and while I know that the holidays are already in a very, very distant past, allow me to still greet you. I haven’t been writing in the past 6 months because LIFE happened (read: work, sickness in the family, conflict in the family, unnecessary drama, my sister’s engagement, anime binge-watching, endless zoom meetings, and countless webinars). 2020 was indeed bittersweet, and perhaps like most of the people here, I feel glad that it already came to a close (reminded us all over again that all things eventually pass).

But I am aware that I no longer need to roast the previous year, for everybody has done that already. So for this very first post I will have for this year, I would like to share my gratefulness and thanksgiving to the plot twist in our history we wished we never had or wanted.

Thank you 2020 for the opportunity to slow down and realize what’s really essential in life. You locked us in our homes, drastically changing our plans and schedules making us feel lost because so much has been taken away. But this purging make us realize that we can indeed still live without the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. That life continues even if what we only have is the bare necessities.

Thank you 2020 for the chance to look within and truly appreciate what we currently have. You took a lot from us, but you also left us with something greater: a new and simpler perspective. We have realized that much of what we pursue in life are temporary, inessential, and inconsequential. We have learned that what we have can be lost in a blink of an eye. We hate you for doing that, but at the same time, we’ve been reminded of how fragile and fleeting our lives can be. And so we learned to cope, to appreciate, to be grateful, and to be contented.

Thank you 2020 for the chance to reconnect with our families. This is the greatest blessing, of course: to be able to wake up in the morning unhurried, and experience all the day’s firsts with the people we often take for granted before. We now recognize that we can turn our full attention into our own families, and make our homes into our own church, school, social club, sports facility, and hobby center. While we terribly miss hanging out with our other peers, we also come to appreciate the time we spent with our kin.

Thank you 2020 for allowing our planet to breathe, for teaching us how to livestream our teachings, for putting spotlight to what we, the Millenials and the Gen Zs, do best, for helping us see firsthand what we desire in our next set of public officials, for reminding us of our forgotten hobbies, talents, and passions, for centering our focus in self-care and mental health, and for showing us that really, we are just tiny speckle of dust in this ever-changing universe.

For what it’s worth, we want to believe we become better people.

Author: Sen

A 20something professional wishing to fulfill her childhood dream of keeping a decent space in the blogosphere. An all-for-God servant. Also known now as Mrs. Mercado. Still a beloved princess of the King of Kings.

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