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Happy ‘work-versary’!

I was thinking this morning about how I sounded too whiny about work in my last post, when I realized today is also my ‘work anniversary’.

You see, I have this mindset that at work, instead of treating my office mates with a blowout (why do we have to do that? Because we’re Filipinos) during my birthday, I would do so during my work anniversary. It makes me remember the whys and the hows of being in that office, of being a School Counselor, and to celebrate it joyfully with the whos that make my profession more bearable and enjoyable. I may have vented out too many complaints in my last blog post, but I also take this job seriously, and I’m really proud and grateful for choosing this line of work as my profession.

Because I really can’t celebrate today my traditional way of having a good cup of expensive coffee, allow me to re-blog this post I wrote last May when we just celebrated “Counseling Awareness Month”. Hope you enjoy reading!


I have always prided myself of becoming a School Guidance Counselor, for despite the bulky work load (I am handling almost 1, 000 students), going on a harder route in possessing a license, having lower salary range, and experiencing less appreciation from the school community, I think of this job as more of a vocation than just an office work. Initially, I took up BS Psychology in college believing that I can work in a clinical setup. But being trained as a Peer Facilitator for four years, I grew in love with the life surrounded by students and helping them be the best they could be. I have long dreamed of being a Guidance Counselor, and at age 23, I finally became one. I think that who I am now is greatly defined by the training I got from talking to so many students, listening to their rants about the world, and looking for the good rather than the bad side of it all. I learned about genuine care, self-actualization, motivation and learning styles, individual differences, and self-care by living and loving the young people and all their idiosyncrasies. On the other hand, I have also seen- and more importantly, learned to embrace- the self-harming and self-destructive tendencies as well as the cynical and anti-social capabilities we all have in our nature in a varying degree.

As a Counselor, I am exposed to both the good and the bad of a person. And what I have always observed in this line of work for six years now, I think that what sets us apart from others is our belief that good will always outweighs anything bad. We believe in our students, that no matter how tragic his past or his present has been, his future will become better, if he chooses to. We trust everyone’s capacity to make wise decisions for their lives, and that we pray for them to have courage and resilience if ever they face difficulties and setbacks on the way to that brighter future. Most importantly, we hold on to hope that any little help we can extend, we hope that we’re making this world a better place than before.

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Years in service: 2014- 2019 as Grade School & Junior High School Counselor for a Catholic School in Novaliches; 2019- present as Grade School & Junior High School Counselor for a University with basic education in Diliman, QC.

The Best part of the Job: Being with the young, helping them, talking and getting to know them. This is actually what I believe as a key in keeping youthfulness. Hahah. Another useful advantage is that working in a school is very beneficial for the future education of my own child.

The Hardest part of the Job (and How I deal with it): Making the stubborn parents listen and understand! Hahahahaha. :p I have always been a Counselor for grade school and junior high school departments, and this population is roughly always almost 1000. This is very tedious, considering that I would be the only one preparing, managing, and implementing my programs and services. Also, counseling really has an emotional burden to me (or to any Counselor, per se). I deal with all these struggles with proper time management, effective prioritizing, and getting friendly with the Class Advisers and our school administration. I am only one person, but with the help from the right people, everything can be bearable.

Favorite Productivity Tips: Always work with a happy tummy. Do the hardest tasks in the morning while motivation and energy are still high. Stop when you are already tired. Breathe.

Best Advice I ever Received: “Keep on pushing and keep on learning. Don’t quit because the children and your school need you. Just keep on learning. (Again) Breathe.” -Ma’am Chatt, my college Guidance Counselor in UST

My Advice to those who are just Getting Started: The same as one above. Heheh. But really, never give up. We are who we are because we know how to listen, empathize, and care. And our children need us now more than ever. Whenever things get difficult, just remember who you are doing this for. And yes, never stop learning.


3 important things to include to your everyday routine for well-being

Congratulations! We have been in Community Quarantine 🇵🇭 for over 100 days! 🤣

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One thing is true and sure about the situation we have right now: that everything is still quite uncertain for us at the moment.

Anxiety level is at record high, people are real scared of both acquiring the virus as well as letting their families go hungry, jobs are displaced and employees are worried if they’re going to still have their work the following morning; students are confused with the terms synchronous vs asynchronous/ fully-online vs blended learning, and much more, parents are at loss on how on earth are they going to afford the required gadgets that can be used for the online classes. Decidedly the most important confusion of all, our government has showed that they are as disoriented and bewildered as all of us in battling this pandemic.

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©Google Images

But I have just realized that even though we are in a very difficult and confusing time, what we can do is to just take hold of whatever things we can actually control. And the virus’ transmission rate, the world’s economy, and the breakdown of PDU30’s loans are all way beyond our circle of control. What’s within our power are how we manage our anxiety and stress levels, as well as structuring our daily routine so it can help us maintain well-being.

I just would like to share one of ‘tactics’ that I’m doing to take control and take care of my own mental and emotional health. I’m aware of myself as someone on-the-go, and that actively “doing” something is one way that can make me feel happier. So whenever I start to feel stressed out, there are three things I will myself to do: (1) something productive, (2) something relaxing, and (3) something fun.

Doing something PRODUCTIVE

Productivity doesn’t mean you have to start out being the best; what’s important is you just have to start. When you’re productive, you can develop other aspects of your life, like your mental ability, relationships, creativity, health and physical strength, and even your happiness level.

But this ‘doing something productive’ shouldn’t be on the expense of your Mental Health. The idea is that being productive must boost our morale, by keeping our motivation on a high level since having goals to accomplish gives our days some direction and purpose. We shouldn’t force ourselves to be “productive” if it’s already straining us and draining us of joy and energy.

For me, these are the things I do on a daily basis to make myself productive:

  1. Work from Home
  2. Tamang walis lang at ayos ng bahay/ doing household chores
  3. Attend scheduled webinars ng PGCA
  4. Paligo kay Ella, pakaen kay Ella, laro kay Ella
  5. Exercise (yes, nasa point pa lang ako ng buhay na isang productive activity kong itinuturing ang exercise 😅)
  6. Try to write something for IG/ blog

Doing something RELAXING

This is self-explanatory. Charot hahah. Rest and relaxation should of course be one of our top priorities every day! Whether it’s a 4-hour nap 😅 or just a 5-minute stretch, doing something relaxing can give us the energy we need to tackle our workload or the problem we are facing. Not only should we start our day feeling refreshed but we should continue to refresh at various points throughout our day.

Here are the relaxation activities on my daily routine:

  1. Writing to-do lists and some updates on my planner (it calms me)
  2. Drinking coffee 💯
  3. Sleeping (and power naps)
  4. Reading on my Bible phone app
  5. Reading books and blogs
  6. Scrolling through IG (I should be honest enough to admit this ❤)
  7. Kwentuhan with the husband, while drinking coffee 😉

Doing something FUN

I am a firm believer that whatever we do in life must always be fun for us, for there’s really no point in pursuing things that make us feel bad. What I mean with fun is that it makes us smile, it makes us laugh, and it makes us feel happier and more alive (and yeah, safe pa din dapat). Fun activities shouldn’t just be some distraction, rather, it must engage us and balance our routine.

These are fun activities for me that I do on a daily basis:

  1. Playing with Ella (or engaging her on an educational play if nasa mood sya haha)
  2. Playing Clash of Clans 🙈
  3. Watching Netflix
  4. Daydreaming/ planning on things we have to renovate in our house 😅

Now more than ever, it is important for us to prioritize our Mental Health and well-being. It’s not an easy shot, because we have to be intentional on helping ourselves feel better. That’s why we have to do it every day, for even the trivial, little things we do for ourselves matter. These trivial, little things built to become a self-care habit can make a whole lot difference.