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I started blogging when I was in 3rd year HS (2005), a time when social media sites encouraged people not just to socialize with filtered photos and pointless dance challenges, but to express themselves through actual words (anyone remember Multiply, Tumblr, and the Friendster testimonials? ❤ ahhh, good times). It was introduced to me by a classmate, and we had real fun making and customizing our own “websites”. I have built 6 blogs over the years (may ‘theme’ kasi ang mga blogs ko, haha, kaya pag hindi na yun ang theme ng buhay, bagong blog na naman uwu 🙈), chronicling my personal experiences and views about myself, my family, my job, the world and how I see it. Writing and reading blogs have always been my hobby, therapeutic for me, even. I have always been a wanna-be writer, and thru blogging, I’m getting a taste of what this crazy dream actually feels like.

Year 2013, I started Musings and Geniuses, hoping to share my musings (thoughts while on commute, hence the domain) and inspire others, while I also try to live and learn in my own young adulthood journey. It wasn’t really an active blog site (141 published posts for a period of 7 years), yet it tells the stories of the most important milestones in my life so far- every career shifts, a major heartbreak because of losing my Church friends, my engagement and marriage to Aljhon, and then becoming a Mom to Ella. It is a time capsule of my most important memories of both happy and sad times.

Presently, as I juggle my time working from home and taking care of our household and my daughter, I am inspired to build another blog- this time to center on who I really am and on things I am most passionate about. Much as I want to maintain the posts (and yes, the followers), Musings and Geniuses is not who I am anymore. I decided that this new blog will still continue to chronicle my personal journey, but more importantly, touch on three important subjects:

1. Motherhood

I love being a Mom, despite the super tiredness I feel on the daily basis. There is already a lot of content you can find about Mom life in the internet, but for my own space, you’ll find just my own journey with my own child. I’ll never claim to be an expert on the topic, but only to my own kid and to our own style of raising her. I’ll write about them all here, hoping that in one way or another, it may help other Moms who are experiencing the same dilemmas and situations I had. Motherhood is a long and winding journey, and every Mom definitely needs a tribe to help her keep going.

2. Married Life

Aljhon and I just recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We are definitely young by the number, but we are constantly trying to learn and discover how to become better partners and parents. And that is what I want to write about in this blog. As a Christian wife, I am well aware that the family is the basic and most crucial part of the Church and society, and sadly, its value to the young people is diminishing due to worldly views and short-term idealism (wala daw forever!). On this blog, I will never preach. 🙏 But I’ll at least do my part on sharing our own stories of triumphs and sufferings, because that’s what marriage is all about- experiencing all the better and worse, together.

3. Mental Health

For the last 2 years, I have always been invited to various talks and seminars about Mental Health, and the presentations I prepared have been calling me to have a home. And as someone with a license in Psychology (RPm pa lang ha, not RPsy), pursuing Masteral studies in Counseling, and with 6 years of professional experience as a School Counselor, advocating for good Mental Health and Well-being has been an integral part of who I am now. On this little space in the internet, I would like to share my tribulations as I try to make a difference as a Counselor, one student at a time.

Starting this new blog actually gives me a familiar rush. And yeah, for the very first time, I made my name as the blog domain (para di na maiba, hahahaha). But really, I am just hoping that whatever I’ll write here may help another mommy, wife, student, or any other person. Because as uncertain as times may be right now, we all certainly need every help we can to get by.