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Thirty things

I’ve just celebrated my 30th birthday this February. Would you mind reading some things about me? 😅

Things about me I usually share

1. I’m a Guidance Counselor and a Registered Psychometrician.

2. I’m shy and awkward, like a true introvert.

3. I’m a Catholic and I serve the Church.

Personality Type


2. Enneagram Type 2

3. Choleric temperament

Events in my life that changed me

1. When I took up Psychology

2. When I gave birth to my daughter

3. When I got sick and was hospitalized for 2 months

What people don’t know about me (and would be surprised to discover)

1. I like cops movies/series

2. I think I have a talent in Basketball if I just only train

3. I’m a Board Exam Topnotcher (RPm, 2018) and I don’t tell people because I hate them to expect anything from me

Top three goals for 2021

1. To stay on my jobs and if possibly, earn more

2. To pass the comprehensive exam and begin writing my thesis

3. To secure a house and lot or aggressively prepare/save for it

Top three lessons in my life

1. Health is wealth

2. People won’t think like me, act like me, or feel the way I do; people won’t always like me either but all that’s perfectly fine.

3. We can trust God and His plans for us.

My shameful side

1. I am a habitual procrastinator

2. I don’t drink water or take care of my skin the way I should

3. I had no savings when I was still single- absolutely a financial illiterate

Crazy dreams

1. Be the DepEd secretary when Vico Sotto becomes the president of the Philippines

2. Build a retreat house or an orphanage

3. Become a Missionary and teach kids in the mountains.

Top three places I wish to visit

1. Sagada and Batanes

2. London

3. Spain

Top three self care activities

1. Journaling

2. Eating and drinking coffee

3. Sleeping