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This & That (July 2020)

The past few days are crazily exhausting.

As we prepare for the opening of the school year, the pressure to deliver quality distance learning education tripled up for me. There were a lot of tears shed, but the good news here is that I’m still kickin’ alive and fighting.

My mantra: MAHIRAP, PERO KAYA MO. (It would be difficult, but you can do it)

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gotten any better for the PH 🇵🇭 and by this rate, we’ll surely reach the projected 85k cases by the end of the month (UPDATE: YES! We’ve reached that already). That SONA btw was predictably useless and irrelevant. And the series of rants and unnecessary stress about our country’s politics, incompetence, and indifference to the poor citizens, are totally adding to the emotional burden I’m feeling.

At work, I’m so preoccupied with this Students’ Orientation. I needed to prepare presentations, write scripts, and do voice overs, and then edit the videos so it will be ready for our live-streamed orientation for our school community. All the while, I’m starting to lose precious time in transitioning to provide my Guidance & Counseling services to a digital platform; and establishing a systematic and sustainable procedure in doing my work in a virtual Guidance Office. I needed to prepare a boatload of paper works (i.e. guidelines, guidelines, and more guidelines) that will make my work adhere to what’s best, effective, and ethical. I have been a school counselor for a couple of years now so this shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but this year is a WHOLE LOT different. (Back story: I’m a newcomer to the school I’m employed now, so I’m still adjusting.. and then, BOOM! This pandemic happened and the admin decided to lay off school personnel, including ALL my team mates. I KNOW I should be deeply grateful to still have a job, and I greatly, greatly, greatly, greatly feel thankful.. But working the job that is supposed to be handled by 4 people is no easy feat.. and it hurts to admit that it really is stressing me out.)

But then… my other mantra: You gotta do what you gotta do.

My workload now may be too much and I really, really hate the government, but still, life goes on- I have a daughter to raise and a family to provide for.

And in that note, let’s now talk about some more personal stuff:

To balance the work stress, I’m exercising now more regularly, and this app really helps me. I also stopped playing this game for the mean time, but I’m back to watching tv series in Netflix, and that show is really an oldie but goldie (yeah, I think I can now admit I’m a sucker for old American tv series about crimes and cops stories- whether drama or comedy). I’m also getting more artsy with my planner, and 2 days ago, I had checked out P400-worth of journal stickers and washi tapes from this store in Shopee. Fortunately, I had clicked on ‘Back’ next, rather than ‘Confirm’, so major marital issues averted just like that. You’re welcome, Daddy.

With all the busyness, I had also managed to squeeze in a speaking opportunity, as I gave this parenting webinar about developing literacy at home and managing the New Normal. I’m trying to think it’s not really a big deal, but I’m proud because that’s the first webinar I gave, and our neighborhood’s chickens, birds, and dogs were all energetically cheering for me while recording, so yeah, it should really be a big one. The hubby and I are also attending that online training for Couple Coordinators of Kids for Christ. Plus we are our chapter’s designated “technicals and media team”, so we are really onto computers, zoom meetings, and live-streaming during the weekends.

Being a Mom is still one of the best parts of my life (self: why still?!) and Ella is this constant ‘sunshine on a cloudy day’. We are entering that chatterbox phase, and I’m ALWAYS amused with her stories, dreams, and observations. Btw, she calls herself now “Appleberry Cat”. There were also some meltdowns, and I’m still thankful because these are opportunities to teach and impose discipline on our little lady.

July is really a crazily tiring month, but still a blessing in itself, nonetheless. I think we are all still grieving for our past lifestyles and detoured dreams, but are also starting to cope well with the new ‘normal’. Hey, this album even somehow redeemed 2020 and put smiles on our faces even just for a little while. There is hope, people. There is hope.


Mid-year Check-in

Happy Friday! 🎉

I’m not really having a very good week right now, but at least it’s already Friday and I’m all into reminding myself that all is still well. So in the spirit of cheering myself up and taking hold of the things I can control, I brought out my planner and remembered to make a mid-year check-in.

2020 may not be our favorite year, but hey, we’re half-way over.

🌻 Accomplishments

  • Second semester in MA
  • Work from Home setup sa loob ng kwarto
  • 3 speaking engagements, and another one this July
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support module for my elementary pupils
  • I still have work despite the pandemic

Big Events

  • My first ever solo task in FEU-D (Understanding Self Seminar)- January
  • CFC Kids for Christ Family Day Conference (January)
  • Taal Volcano eruption (February)
  • My 29th birthday (February)
  • Luzon Lockdown (March to May)
  • ECQ Celebrations: Aljhon and I’s 4th wedding anniversary, Mama & Papa’s wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, and Aljhon’s 29th birthday (all in May)
  • Ella’s 3rd birthday (June)
  • Mental Health Webinar Series (June)

🏆 Most Proud of

  • Ella is toilet-trained before turning 3, and she actually did it for only one day
  • We have already renovated our kitchen and dining area
  • Ella’s Hello Kitty 3rd birthday party
  • My speaking engagements (Fam Day Conference @ ADMU, Parents’ Seminar @ OLLCS, and Discovery Camp Talk #4 @ NB2 YFC)
  • Getting high grades in MA 2nd sem despite the difficulties I encountered huhuh
  • Ella’s rapid development and her being an emphatic child

💔 Most Challenging

  • COVID 19 pandemic and its resulting community quarantine measures, shutdown of schools and churches, economic recession, and mental health crisis. And of course, our government’s inability to properly and adequately address the matters.
  • My gastritis returned last March, and because of ECQ, I can’t even go to the hospital. It was so hard managing the pain without even having anything else to do other than take medicine 😣 Hayyyy
  • Laying off employees in my school. I totally don’t know how to do it all alone!
  • Weight gain and insecurities about my own body
  • Mama’s moodiness, Aljhon’s laziness, and my own irritability

⚠️ Things I learned

  • That nothing worth having will come easy (LAHAT TALAGA PINAGHIHIRAPAN)
  • That I need to step up my game if I want things to happen (Be self-motivating. Keep on being masipag)
  • How fragile and fleeting our life is. (Everything we have is temporary)
  • It’s really the small things in life that truly matter.
  • Be grateful. Every single day.

✅ Completed

  • First year in MA (yey!)
  • PGCA webinars
  • Transferred to another blog

📌 In progress

  • MHPSS modules for my Junior High School students + Career modules
  • GCU online services, programs, and activities for the next school year
  • Finalize SY19-20 reports

🎯 For next month

  • MHPSS implementation + Students and Parents’ Orientation
  • New Normal talk @ OLLCS
  • Couple Coordinators Online Training

🔔 Start

  • Practicing calligraphy again
  • Toddler Homeschool routine for Ella
  • A serious diet and workout plan
  • Reading books again everyday
  • Communicating more with my friends and office mates

⛔ Stop

  • Mindless scrolling + checking my emails early in the morning
  • Eating junk foods
  • Overthinking and worrying too much
  • Depreciating myself

▶️ Continue

  • Praying the rosary every day
  • Posting to my IG and blog regularly
  • Trying to become a better wife, mother, and counselor despite many challenges
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I have always been saying that for this year 2020, the best is yet to come. And surely, 2020 has been surprising us with all twists and turns we can imagine having for starting a whole new decade. Well, we just have to remember that every day we’re alive is a great blessing in itself, and there are still things we must be grateful for. We just all got to do what we have to do. Here’s to the plot twist we all have been waiting for this 2020. 🍻